Lori Singleton

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Drawn to "the convergence of form, space, art, science, math and culture," both architecture and landscape architecture appeal to Lori. But it was the "temporal nature" of landscape architecture that won her over. "I love working with the complexity and variation of natural systems," she explains. "Living and growing things evolve over time, and we, as designers, predict how that will play out." One of her favorite projects at SmithGroup is the recent Little Caesars Arena, a complex site with heavy demands for activation, public space, mixed use and an innovative use of materials. Lori is also intrigued by the fields of sociology and ethnography; she would like to travel to Cuba to absorb the culture and listen to the music. Her interest in music spans several genres and she admires Icelandic singer/songwriter/actress Bjork, whom she calls "an inspired and creative genius across multiple art forms."