Urban Design

We live in the Urban Century. Cities drive innovation, cultural exchange, and more than 80 percent of our global GDP. For the first time in history, most of the world’s population lives in cities - a trend projected to continually increase.  Yet urban growth and development are increasingly unsustainable by many measures.  Cities across the globe are also grappling with aging infrastructure, inadequate housing, and access to employment and food.

Scotts Run Station SmithGroup

Scott's Run Station South

Amongst rapid changes in technology and mobility, SmithGroup’s interdisciplinary team of urbanists views connectivity as the key to urban vitality, and important unlocking the economic, ecological, and social potential of every project at all scales. We transform urban environments with solutions that promote economic inclusiveness, social and environmental justice, and communitywide resilience.  Solving complex urban challenges begins with deep listening and a commitment to building consensus. 

With the collaborative expertise of SmithGroup’s multidisciplinary team of design thinkers, urban designers, landscape architects, architects and engineers, we think beyond traditional parameters to find holistic and measurably impactful solutions. Our vision extends from the regional and district scale to individual sites and structures to the smallest aesthetic details.  It’s how we can connect the aspirations of our clients and communities with real aspirations and create an indelible sense of place in our cities.