Daniel Cusick

  • Daniel Cusick Headshot
  • Los Angeles

Daniel discovered he wanted to be an architect the day he discovered the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. “I realized that the three-dimensional art of the built environment can be more powerful than the art that hangs on the walls,” he recalls of the Frank Lloyd Wright design. Wright has continued to inspire Daniel, one of a handful of architects “who changed the norm of the built environment.” Daniel, who has built an accredited Master’s degree program in Healthcare Design for the New York Institute of Technology, appreciates the impact his own work can have, too. “I look at every project in terms of the cultural impacts and democracy of the humans who will utilize it,” he says. “We are some of the luckiest professionals, able to use a voice to change the direction of how societies move and operate.” Daniel professes a deep love for nature, whether it’s enjoying a swim and sunset at a nearby shore, or visiting the Maldives, “Intoxicated by the greatest ocean/land environment the world can offer.”