Innovative thinking, built upon insightful strategy, creates planning solutions with the power to affect real change. Few industries face the complexities inherent in healthcare. In addition to its overarching responsibility for human life, each provider's capital investments, operational model, and revenue cycles are governed by shifting demographics, technology, legislative policies, and reimbursement decisions. Healthcare providers need resiliency in this volatile market: a sound business strategy that gives you the ability to adapt and thrive in the face of known as well as future challenges.


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California Pacific Medical Center System-Wide Integrated Facilities and Operational Master Plan

By critically assessing the efficiency of its operations and allocation of services, California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) discovered new ways to both reduce costs and improve patient care enterprise wide.

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SmithGroup's Health Strategy team brings an unequaled depth of experience in the healthcare field, adept at developing actionable business strategies as diverse as the clients we support. We focus on real-world solutions to right sizing resources, defining capacity and utilization, and creating strategic alignment of clinical service lines. Risk mitigation scenarios and strategies optimize operational costs and reduce capital outlay. From discovery and visioning to strategic analysis and synthesis to framework planning, our process is built to reveal every challenge and every opportunity, because solving the right problems will always begin with asking the right questions.



Individually, we are problem seekers; we solve problems in a holistic and integrated way. Our interdisciplinary team represents strategic planning; health, research and education planning; site planning; engineering systems; traffic and wayfinding; data/predictive analysis, and cost/value modeling. What differentiates SmithGroup is that we bring the knowledge, informed by nine decades of experience with hundreds of leading academic medical centers and national health systems, to convert strategic planning into reality. We synthesize all the different aspects of organizational planning while translating strategy, finances, and operations into physical assets: morphing theory with application. We build decision frameworks by breaking strategy down into discrete drivers of success, identifying barriers to change, acknowledging uncertainty, and understanding the relationship between change and investment.




Leaving Old Habits Behind: Transition Planning Ensures Space Operates as Designed

The planning and design of any new or renovated healthcare facility can be a catalyst to change or improve a facility's operating model, just as a change in an operating model often drives the need for new space. In every project, healthcare planners and designers collaborate closely with users to make sure the design and operations work together: that both function as intended. Yet, when staff finally move-in to a new space, the operational intent of the physical design is often poorly communicated or forgotten entirely. Why does this lost opportunity happen, and how do we ensure expectations are met?

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