Valley of the Sun United Way


Valley of the Sun United Way Headquarters

Phoenix, Arizona

25,000 SF | 2,300 SM

Architecture, Engineering, Interior Architecture

“Being able to change this space to accommodate whatever meeting is being held—write on the walls, change colors, change lighting—it all makes for a space that encourages innovation and collaboration.”

—Merl Waschler, Chief Executive Officer


When the Valley of the Sun United Way was looking to redesign its headquarters office, it wanted a collaborative space that made sense for its largely mobile workforce and that celebrated the organization’s positive impact on the Phoenix-area community. 

The resulting space is fluid and flexible. Individual, unassigned work stations and offices  account for about a third of the floor plan; several other types of shared and collaborative work areas are scattered throughout the rest of the space. Naming these areas helps with wayfinding and reinforces the sense of community. “The Community Commons,” for example, refers to the public meeting rooms that overlook a large atrium. “The Park” is a large collaborative space adjacent to the exterior glazing that includes a commercial-grade park bench with integrated power. A large graphic ribbon unfurls along the interior walls, telling the stories and honoring the lives of those who have been touched by the organization. Overall, the space has inspired pride in the workforce, increased productivity and fueled a more collaborative culture.