U.S. Department of Agriculture


U.S. Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center

“The synergy that will be created by having both university and ARS scientists located in close proximity will open new avenues in arid land research.”

—Bob Roth, Resident Director


A design that closely adheres to the finished building's intended purpose will visibly suggest the function. In the case of this center, a research facility devoted to understanding interrelationships among cropping systems, water management strategies and environmental stewardship programs, reflects the movement of research materials and information through the facility.

The program called for consolidating two existing facilities: the U.S. Water Conservation Research Laboratory and the Western Cotton Research Laboratory. Housing laboratories, support spaces, greenhouses and outdoor plant research gardens, the center will ultimately deliver a knowledge base to provide a foundation for efficient and environmentally-friendly agriculture in arid climates. Designed with nighttime setback capabilities in labs, heat-capture from exhaust air and return, high performance glazing, mechanical and electrical systems for maximum energy efficiency, and direct digital control systems, the center's drastically reduced energy footprint is as green as the building's purpose.