The Christman Company


The Christman Building

Lansing, Michigan

60,000 GSF, 5575 M2

Architecture, Building Systems Consulting, Engineering, Environmental Science, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Lighting Design, Programming, Urban Planning and Design, Historic Preservation

Sustainable Programs
LEED for Commercial Interiors (CI) (LEED-CI)-Platinum, LEED for Core & Shell (CS) LEED-CS-Platinum, LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (LEED-EB O+M)-Platinum

Governor, Green Project of the Year, High Performance Design Award, Michigan Commercial Real Estate Awards

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“SmithGroupJJR took the challenges of major historic rehab of a 1928 Art Deco building and a commitment to sustainable building and demonstrated yet again these are complementary and desirable paths.”

—Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO, Founding Chair, UBGBC


Renovating a 60,000-square-foot, obsolete vacant building listed on the National Register of Historic Places is no easy feat; making it a modern workplace is even harder. With a need to expand, this construction firm collaborated with SmithGroupJJR to create an environment that celebrates its core values of people and expertise.

The project team envisaged sustainable, innovative offices that nod to the past while firmly establishing a 21st-century position. Five stories of offices are organized into “communities” with mini-studio spaces to boost collaboration, and a sixth floor was added with a roof-hung, modern staircase. A skylight extends above the parapet to showcase an original light well’s character, enlivening an inner courtyard as the office’s focal point.

The Christman Building garnered an unprecedented quadruple LEED Platinum awards: one for its core-and-shell design, another for Commercial Interiors and two for Existing Building certification. As a peer involved in landmark conversions agreed, “Meeting energy efficiency parameters and historic criteria where tax credits are involved is never easy. This interior build-out skillfully addresses human well-being and architectural beauty, a wonderful achievement.”

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