Microsoft Corporation


Sales & Health Solutions Group Offices

“I can work from my home office at my convenience, but I choose to come into the office regularly because the environment allows me to focus and is conducive to my productivity.”

—Anonymous Employee, Post-Move Survey


It's rarely easy when diverse employee cultures come together under one roof. SmithGroupJJR took on this challenge for a large high-tech company in creating a suitable new environment that represents the organization's first joint sales and development office. The workplace, which co-locates its Federal Sales team and Health Solutions Group, would also serve an organization in constant motion: people, ideas and technology are mobile and ever changing, after all.

Employee collaboration and progressive thinking were the inspirational drivers of the modern five-story workspace. SmithGroupJJR pushed the parameters of corporate guidelines and designed social hubs to anchor each floor, encouraging interaction and innovation. Traditionally dispersed teams are now fully enmeshed. A variety of meeting spaces and specialized briefing suites aide new business development, along with state-of-the-art technology support built in.

The result? Employees report a high rate of job satisfaction, noting the office environment is conducive to their productivity and success.