University of Michigan


Robert H. Lurie Nanofabrication Facility

Ann Arbor, Michigan

40,950 GSF, 3,800 M2

Architecture, Engineering, Interior Architecture, Lab Planning, Landscape Architecture, Programming

Bronze Award, Brick in Architecture Awards, Honor Award -- Excellence in Masonry Design

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“The team did a magnificent job in designing and delivering world-class lab space.”

—Stephen R. Forrest, PhD


The highly flexible, state-of-the-art clean room expansion supports solid state electronics research initiatives at the University of Michigan. The addition, meticulously sited into a limiting footprint, incorporates major features to facilitate world-class research and fabrication in micro and nanotechnology, silicon based semiconductors and other related fields of study.

SmithGroupJJR organized the cleanroom facility in a three-layer approach, stacking the first-floor fabrication level (cleanroom) on top of a basement sub-fab level - support equipment and utilities. Above the cleanroom, highly engineered plenum provides air recirculation and cooling. Air-handling equipment occupies a penthouse built over the three-level system.

As a nanofabrication facility, the design is already state-of-the-art. But a novel feature—a glass-enclosed viewing aisle—adds unparalleled view inside for the university's students, visitors, donors and prospective students.