DPR Construction


Phoenix Regional Office

“We're proud of our new office and how it physically, environmentally and visibly represents our core values and culture.”

—Dave Elrod, Regional Manager DPR Phoenix


Combining the efforts of two firms with commitments to green building can produce remarkable results, as is the case with DPR Construction's Phoenix Regional Office. Faced with a lease renewal, DPR opted to relocate its Phoenix operations and set a high-bar for themselves: to create a zero-energy workplace in the desert.

DPR selected a non-descript building centrally located in a re-emerging district, notable only for having once been an adult-themed boutique. SmithGroupJJR and DPR incorporated a wide range of green building solutions, including a passive cooling system--comprised of a solar chimney, four evaporative-cooling shower towers, eight Big Ass Fans® and 87 operable windows—reducing AC requirements. Solatubes® infuse the workspace with daylight and reduce lighting loads by 70%, while a "Vampire” shut-off switch cuts off 90% of plug loads at night. Online monitoring systems allow staff to track and view energy and water use in real-time.

In the end, the transformation yielded a high performance, employee-focused office environment—a living laboratory of green design—and Arizona's first commercial net-zero-energy office building.

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