Kaiser Permanente


Kaiser Antioch Medical Center and Medical Office Building

“... the team met the aggressive schedule and budget we set for the first three hospitals—and we're very pleased with the results.”

—John P. Kouletsis, AIA, Director, Strategy, Planning, & Design


Kaiser Permanente is globally regarded for its “template hospital,” an efficient and widely emulated model. Kaiser Antioch is one of three new hospitals designed and built simultaneously on the pioneering template. The leading-edge facilities employ sustainable design and advanced technology, with planning concepts to meet goals of efficiency, comfort and safety for patients, staff and visitors.

Standardized yet highly flexible clinic modules are organized around a light-filled central spine, ending at a dramatic, two-story rotunda that facilitates staff movement between the 174-room hospital and the adjacent office building. Nursing towers are triangular, with decentralized nurse stations wrapping a central work core—a model compatible with such technologies as electronic medical records. Corridors are widened from a standard eight feet to 15 feet to improve visibility and allow for computer workstations—a first in California, positioning caregivers closer to patients yet with easy records access.

Comfort and safety were also key drivers, leading to bigger patient rooms with an area for family and visitors. A central outdoor courtyard contains a healing garden and dining terrace, lending a unique space for social interaction and respite.

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