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Home Depot Smart Home

“This is the response to those who told me that it could never be built and that Platinum [LEED] was out of reach. Persistence and an amazing team can do what many think is impossible.”

—Tom Rose, Director Emeritus of the Smart Home Program


As innovative in technology as it is in appearance, this 10-person, live-in research laboratory is the centerpiece of the Pratt School of Engineering Smart Home program. It serves as a showcase of energy-efficient, healthy green building, with more than 450 students from diverse academic disciplines taking advantage of the novel facility for hands-on experience and research into emerging ideas about “smart living.”

In our role as managing architect, SmithGroupJJR oversaw construction of the home for the design firm, Frank Harmon Architect, and the sponsor Home Depot. Working together, the university and project team unveiled the first-ever student residence hall rated LEED Platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Students selected to live in the house are encouraged to experiment with a variety of eco-friendly and high-tech elements. As a living laboratory and learning experience, the occupants learn the benefits and consequences of using these forward-looking systems, including components that are not yet commercially available.

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