City of Traverse City


Duncan Clinch Marina

Traverse City, Michigan

144 slips

Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Urban Planning and Design

“Our marina was small, outdated and subject to challenging Lake Michigan conditions. Thanks to SmithGroupJJR's innovative, impressive design, Clinch Marina is strikingly attractive and well protected.”

—Robert Cole, Director of Public Services


Located in the heart of Traverse City, one of the Great Lakes' most popular vacation areas, the heavily used Clinch Marina had fallen into disrepair, with its fixed docks making boat access difficult due to historically low water levels. SmithGroupJJR designed an award-winning harbor revitalization praised as a "a world-class marina and the finest facility in the state."

Early in the process the firm helped Traverse City secure more than $7 million from the Michigan State Waterways Commission. With the added funds, Traverse City was able to significantly expand the project scope. The resulting revitalization installed floating docks, replaced failing bulkhead walls, and added a vital outer breakwater for harbor protection, designed using state-of-the-art hydraulic modeling. The thoughtful design also maximizes valuable landside space with expanded, efficient parking, a new harbormaster office, and accessible public walkways and trail connections.