City of Detroit


Dequindre Cut Greenway

Detroit, Michigan

2 mile corridor, 3.2 km corridor

Engineering, Environmental Science, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Programming, Urban Planning and Design

Honor Award -- Landscape Architectural Design, Honorable Mention - Livability/Sustainability, Transportation Planning Excellence Awards

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“SmithGroupJJR's guidance and dedication to this great project allowed for all citizens and future generations to have great recreation and waterfront access never before available.”

—Will Tamminga, Detroit Econ. Growth Corp


"The Cut," a former below-grade rail corridor serving Detroit's riverfront industries, had fallen into disuse, creating an overgrown chasm. SmithGroupJJR's Greenway design reshaped this inactive corridor, weaving it back into the fabric of the city and spurring community connection by creating safe access for pedestrians and bikes.

Today, the Greenway reconnects the area's neighborhoods to the Detroit River and RiverWalk, the Eastern Market District, and to each other. The completed Cut also ties directly to the firm's work on a comprehensive greenway plan for Detroit's East Side, making the project a model of multimodal access and unity for diverse urban communities. Planned extensions will establish nearly 30 miles of connections uniting the city.

The planning and design process included visioning, funding acquisition, and oversight of construction and cleanup. A variety of aesthetic and functional amenities - including access ramps, lighting, landscaping, paving, security cameras and signage - create a welcoming urban experience. The design also preserved the work of internationally recognized graffiti artists, maintaining it as public art and celebrating local heritage.

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