Advisory Board Company


Crimson Office Reinvention

“In my 15 years of recruiting, I've never had [such positive feedback] about office space. It feels like we're one of Austin's best kept secrets.”

—Director of Human Resources and Recruiting


Austin offices for this health care and education consultancy were ineffectively programmed for a team-based organization. A boom in growth forced a relocation, and SmithGroupJJR set out to build a space dedicated to the Advisory Board Company's mission. The design team responded with a space to support a reinvention of the company's work process.

Swapping a private-office environment for "neighborhoods” provided an intuitive setting for software development by collaborative teams. Stained reclaimed Texas longleaf pine demarcates the plan's "spine”—an east-west ribbon extending through each floor, with team spaces and amenities branching to the north and south.

The design team's program also promotes the growing company's relaxed, team-based work culture. Clusters of benching stations mingle with break-out areas and phone rooms, while conference and interview spaces feature privacy curtains if confidentiality is required. The typical cafe/lunchroom setting is replaced by a large "family room” for working, meeting and relaxing, centered around a generous pantry island clad in the same Texas longleaf pine.

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