Cedars-Sinai Medical Center


Comprehensive Transplant Center

Los Angeles, California

36,500 GSF, 3,390 M2

Architecture, Interior Architecture, Programming

Calibre Award - Health & Wellness Category

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“Improving the quality of life for patients who have received an organ transplant, or are waiting for one, was the organizing principle for the design of this new facility.”

—Andrew S. Klein MD, MBA, Director, Comprehensive Transplant Center


The Comprehensive Transplant Center consolidates four transplant programs into a centralized, state-of-the-art facility in West Hollywood. Housed in a renovated three-story building that was formerly a mixed-use space, the new center is designed to improve flow and comfort for patients, enhance staff research and collaboration, and maximize efficiency.

The new facility eases the experience for pre-and post-transplant surgery patients by providing convenient, one-stop access and an efficient layout of the exam, phlebotomy, patient education, and infusion therapy areas. Calming textures and warm tones inspired by nature help reduce stress. For staff, collaborative work spaces offer access to daylight and feature high-end IT and AV technologies. Employee lounge areas and an outdoor patio provide areas of respite.

The team devised a single-line patient workflow model for the new clinic, spanning from valet parking to check out, that improves the patient experience and reduces wait time. Universal exam rooms allow all four transplant programs to utilize any room, reducing the number of rooms required as well as adding needed flexibility. Using Cedars-Sinai’s guiding principles for the highest standards of care coupled with an evidence-based design approach, the facility provides an intuitive, patient-centered environment and hope for a long, healthy life.

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