Plante Moran


Chicago Office - Riverside Plaza

“I have spent the last couple of days in our new space and the feedback from partners and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. As I think back on the various spaces we walked through over the last year to get ideas, none of them come even close to what you have created for us.”

—Bruce Shapiro, Partner


A global accounting and consulting firm with more than 20 locations, Plante Moran was looking to create a prototype office facility that would not only guide the physical appearance of Plante Moran worksites in North America, but also would shape how its employees interact and work.

Plante Moran selected one of its Chicago offices for the first redesign and to serve as a benchmark for subsequent locations. The revamped 87,000-square-foot facility features a conference center and café on the ground level, with open office space for 350 employees on upper levels. The design puts an emphasis on natural daylight and expansive sightlines. On the upper floors, the entire building perimeter is retained as open office space, allowing all employees to share in ample daylight and views. Even interior offices enjoy full glass walls to maximize access to natural light and preserve the overall sense of openness. Areas of exposed ceiling, backlighting and other ceiling detail provides subtle, elegant wayfinding and add a dynamic, modern aesthetic.

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