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Baylor University Master Plans

“SmithGroupJJR has always been able to force Baylor to think critically about where we want to go as a University. . . The success of our growth and planning started with SmithGroupJJR.”

—Brian Nicholson, Assistant VP, Facilities and Construction


Comprehensive master planning is the key to addressing the new challenges facing America’s university campuses—especially its oldest, most venerable institutions. Baylor, chartered in 1845, has relied on SmithGroupJJR for more than 17 years of collaboration on three campus master plans and a landscape master plan. The results have guided the growth and evolution of the university while preserving its historic fabric, academic heritage and architectural landmarks.

SmithGroupJJR ’s long-term relationship with Baylor allowed the team to address issues and opportunities as they emerged while keeping goals and vision aligned. The plans have led to the construction of 10 new residence halls, created a safer and more effective transportation system, and added new parking structures. As a result, Baylor was able to increase its on-campus student population by 30 percent.

The results are uniquely Baylor, thanks to the guiding framework that balances growth with historical sensitivity, and focuses campus development through an understanding of institutional traditions.

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