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The higher education marketplace is undergoing an exceptional transformation driven by economic and demographic shifts, new technology, and changing approaches to research, teaching, and interdisciplinary learning. At SmithGroupJJR, we are your partners for the next generation of higher education. Our forward-looking innovators are developing new planning and assessment tools, and applying new design approaches and solutions that enhance institutional identity while meeting the shifting demands of teaching, researching, recruiting, enrolling, and funding.

We’ve been aligning ourselves with the key issues institutions are facing for a long time. Since designing the University of Michigan’s first chemistry building in 1882, we’ve worked with over (400) universities and colleges nationally and internationally. From Ivy League schools to local community colleges,

from major public research universities to private, faith-based institutions, we are continuously anticipating and designing for the future of our higher ed clients.

While our people come from diverse backgrounds that cover a broad spectrum of disciplines and market-focused specialties, all are deeply immersed in the needs and mission of higher education. When you work with SmithGroupJJR, you aren’t just working with architects, planners, engineers and landscape architects —you are working with pedagogy specialists, student life experts, cutting-edge lab programmers, business-savvy space strategists, forward-thinking master planners, and committed campus placemakers. This unique blend of specialized expertise allows us to respond to the challenging questions today’s institutions are facing with insightful perspectives and innovative answers.

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When you work with SmithGroupJJR, you become an integral part of the creative team because you bring insights that make your project distinctly yours. We listen and we hear. It's where great design begins. To learn more contact us.

Chris Purdy, AIA, LEED AP
E Chris.Purdy@smithgroupjjr.com
P 313.617.6471


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