VIDEO | The Transformative Workplace

We believe it’s imperative that our design approach is aligned with our clients’ missions and goals. Our Client Advisory Board was created as a forum to ask questions and explore ideas with organizations on the leading edge of the business world. We learn from these exchanges and energize our design process with our shared experiences, evolving our practice towards more creative engagement with their business models. Our 2017 Client Advisory Board’s theme was The Key Ingredients to an Innovative Workplace.

Organizations move with a speed and agility that was unimaginable even a decade ago. It took appliance manufacturers 50 years before the washing machine reached 50-percent market share. Today, Apple can reach 90 percent of its market in mere hours. Technology has transformed business into a race to
stay relevant.

The workplace is transforming, too—not only its physical spaces, but the very idea of what a workplace represents. For decades, organizations have viewed the workplace as an operational cost of doing business, analyzed through the lens of dollars per square foot or other metrics.

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