Todd Kohli

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  • San Francisco, CA
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Todd credits Earth Day as the spark that ignited his passion for conservation in junior high school, which in turn drew him to a career in landscape architecture. Todd’s portfolio features public open space projects around the world, and he speaks and writes about landscape architecture’s impact on society. "People utilize public spaces for overall enjoyment, for the betterment of their health, to find respite and to interact with their community," he notes. Todd himself has long appreciated the outdoors as a competitive cyclist, and also in travels that have taken him to six continents. Todd was also recently inspired by the 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio climate-change documentary, Before the Flood. "The film reminded me that it’s not only my personal daily choices that affect the climate, but how I design, work with colleagues and speak with clients," he says. "We can incorporate sustainable, low-impact and innovative design solutions into every project that will hopefully combat some of the issues we are facing."