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Rick initially studied architecture in college, when he realized it was the project site that captivated him the most. “Once I learned about landscape architecture as a profession, I never looked back,” he recalls. “I take pride in being a landscape architect. We make the world a better place for society.” Rick appreciates the opportunity to contribute to many project types at SmithGroup and is especially drawn to Parks and Open Space/Trails. Not only is site work the focus, he explains, design solutions are guided by a public process of community engagement “that provides the most benefit possible for the collective group of users.” Rick is intrigued by the 1950s and ‘60s. That’s the era he would choose for time travel to see places before they became more commercialized. He’d no doubt admire the vehicles, too. “I have a passion for old cars,” he admits. “I own a 1966 Lincoln with dreams for its restoration.”