Oscar Cobb

  • Oscar Cobb Engineer SmithGroup
  • Detroit, MI
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When Oscar gets to put his mechanical engineering skills to work on great new project, he celebrates by heading directly for the firm’s electronic library. "Winning interesting projects is always exciting," he says. "The celebration is in preparing to succeed at the new challenge the work will bring." Oscar finds Science & Technology projects particularly rewarding. "They give me a chance to dust off my inner nerd," he explains, "and explore the latest design approaches and technologies related to the building type." He also appreciates the firm’s Cultural market. "It usually results in a project that contributes to a community," he explains. "I especially enjoy seeing our work visible in the world around us." If he could time travel, Oscar would select an event perfectly befitting of a mechanical engineer: "The construction of the pyramids," he responds. "But only as an observer."