Jen Riedl

  • Jen Riedl SmithGroup Denver Business Development
  • Jen Riedl SmithGroup Business Development Denver

Long before she had earned multiple degrees in architecture and engineering, Jen already knew a career in design and construction was for her. “I’ve always had an appreciation for space and how it makes you feel,” she explains. Jen has gained plenty of experience in the AEC world, managing projects and now building relationships on the business development side. “Being part of the design and construction industry can positively influence how people experience many aspects of their lives,” she says. “It can be incredibly rewarding to see your hard work go up before your eyes.” A counterpoint to her career creating appealing places, Jen is also drawn to the allure of being out of place: “I love being uncomfortable in new surroundings, taking in sights, sounds, people and culture. Traveling is one of my passions, and I’ve been lucky to experience much of the world.”