Drew Padilla

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  • San Francisco, CA
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"Inspiring clients and teammates is all about building trust," suggests Drew. "Once we’ve demonstrated to a client that we are their strategic partner, ever-flexible and always solving, solutions can flourish." Drew appreciates SmithGroup’s dedication to its people, too. "Employee development is a primary focus here," he says. "I’m always amazed at the time and resource commitment the firm makes for us. The zeitgeist is, ‘What is it that you want to do?’ We want our people to wear many hats very well, and it shows." Drew admits to a fascination with the film Apollo 13. "What resonates with me is the aspect of problem solving through pure innovation, when the stakes are extremely high," he explains. "It was heroic leadership that inspired the team." Drew, who races cars in his free time, dreams of getting behind the controls of the International Space Station. "The sensation of leaving the earth would be very thought-provoking and life changing," he predicts.