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"My role has been a natural evolution for me due to my desire to improve the process in which we design and see the final built environment." Her portfolio includes several notable research facilities. As a result of her desire to improve the process in which the built environment is designed and executed, her special interests are organizational team dynamics and achieving and maintaining a culture that promotes curiosity and continuous improvement. In the complicated and volatile environment of getting great work done collaboratively, Carolina is an exceptional diplomat between vision and realization of process for our clients. Carolina believes, "Great things are achieved with great difficulty, empathy and astute critical examination. I immerse myself in every aspect of the process." Carolina admires art in theater and movie-set design. She also appreciates the work of Henri Matisse. "When he could no longer physically stand up to paint, he turned to cutting up colored paper while sitting in bed," she marvels. "He could not stop making art and I admire that deeply."