Lab Planning

Because every laboratory project comes with its own distinct array of parameters and challenges, lab planning works best as an interactive process. That’s why our planning and design process begins by collaborating closely with our clients, engaged and immersed in their lab environments. Bringing together the client’s team with SmithGroup’s team of lab planning experts leads to a hands-on, interactive experience that establishes priorities, builds consensus and leads to programmatic innovation.

Energy Systems Integrations Facility SmithGroup

National Renewable Energy Laboratory Energy Systems Integrations Facility

Today’s laboratories are technological marvels and workplace tools—and must excel at both. Designing and building such a facility demands a team that understands the intricacies of your work almost as well as your researchers do. Some might find that daunting.

At SmithGroup, it’s where we shine. With the kind of exacting specifications scientists can appreciate, we’ll tap into our deep pool of talent to curate a custom team for your project, from laboratory planners to sustainability strategists to fire protection engineers. That collective experience provides even more than knowledge. It provides the wisdom to address your most vexing challenges.